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Jok Solutions

Get ready, fun time is coming :)

Here are two simple libraries, one for presentation layer and second for server-side:
  • Jok.GameFramework (Silverlight Class Library)
  • Jok.GameFramework.Server (.NET Class Library)

  • Fast Startup
  • Structured callbacks
  • Brainy tables mechanism
  • Process Timeouts
  • Process Confirmations
  • Easy to use

Here are samples, created using this framework
  • Online Chat
  • Online Tik-Tak-Toe Game

Are u ready? :)

  1. Jok SDK
  2. Sample projects

Ok, u've downloaded, what to do now?
  • Extract Jok SDK, run Jok.Register.bat
  • Open online chat sample project, visit it's documentation

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